Cotton City Hosting

What is hosting?

Now then, if you are new to the Traditional Blues scene, you may not be familiar with the concept of 'hosting' for dance events, so here's all you need to know about it, kind of like a FAQ, but not.

When a Blues or Swing dancing event is held, local dancers often offer to provide sleeping space for the visiting dancers. The space offered can range from a double en suite room with dinner bed and breakfast, to a space on the floor to roll out your sleeping bag. There is no  requirement as a host to offer *any more* than the latter, more is a choice and a gracious offer... What we ask you to do when you register for Blues Underground events, is to be clear about the kind of space you are comfortable to share with new friends. Hosts - if you enjoy meeting people, showing out of towners around your city and enabling fun people to attend events hosting could be just the way to add a new layer of fun to a already fun packed weekend. Hostees - if you don't like hotels, might find the cost of one prohibitive, enjoy being close to the real action, then this is for you!

All we ask is that everyone be realistic about what their expectations are. For example, if you have a lovely home full of priceless Ming vases and white carpets, and the flap of a robins wings half a mile away wakes you at 5am and ruins your day, then hosting a group of students who may come home at 4am and make tea before scrambling, two to a sleeping bag, to sleep til midday, this may not be a match made in heaven.

The host sets the rules, the hostees are respectful. So 'be honest'

GREAT HOSTS say things like: (the more clear & specific the better)

I have a spare sofa and a blanket/duvet, suit someone under 5'6".

I have an inquisitive, small dog who doesn't shed hairs but can yap a bit with new people.

I have a double room, suit a couple/2 friends.

People who can bring their own sleeping gear - mat & sleeping bag - are welcome to crash in the attic, up a ladder,  it's warm/cool/bright in the morning/etc. 6 people max can fit in realistically. People over 6' may feel a bit cramped.

GREAT HOSTEES say things like:

I am allergic to cats/frightened of dogs/ love all pets!

I have all my own sleeping gear, just need a small bit of floor (I'm 5'2"), decent bit of floor (I'm 6'5")

I snore loudly, so earplugs for people in a room with me!

I am vegan so will bring my own snacks.

I will be bringing my car, it can ferry 4 people in and out of venues.
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