Cotton City Soundtrack

Cotton City Blues is proud to present an amazing line up of live music and DJs for your delectation! Headlining are The Basement Blues Band, with Velody at the helm. You can expect epic Bluesiness, with lashings of sass. The band will be backed up by a team of atleast 5, yes, 5 international DJs! Listen to Velody's new album by clicking the play button below. Tracks 2,3,6,7,8 & 10 are Blues, the rest are Swing/Vintage. Enjoy the variety!   Your CCB soundtrack is shaping up to be, well... O-so-Oh-some!

Your DJs

Oli DJ Oli has been Djing for over 10 years. Originally Djing Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and Hip Hop as he matured (arguably) he began listening to the music that inspired these genres and found himself discovering many classic Reggae, Funk, Soul and Blues tracks. In 2009 Oli started Blues dancing and his Djing naturally followed. Now in his fifth year of Djing to Blues and Fusion dancers Oli is well known for creating a fun party atmosphere whilst keeping a Blues feel
Frank started his Djing career by accident when asked to fill in at a modern jive event and took to it like a duck to quicksand. Despite this shaky start within six months he was DJing at some of the top weekend events in the country, and subsequently in Europe. After attending EBI in 2012 Frank turned his attention to blues music and now regularly DJs at Basement Blues in Manchester. It has also been noted his other sets have become heavily influenced by blues and fusion tracks. Frank's sets are shaped by his love of expressive and evocative music.
Velody has been DJing Blues internationally since 2011, at numerous Trad Blues & Fusion events. She finds quality tracks that make you want to get your groove on! Check out her spotify playlists and you will hear Blues (John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters), contemporary Blues (Keb Mo), Soul (Aretha Franklin, James Brown), Killer Ballads (Rafael Sadiq, Adele), West Coast Swing & Tango inspired sets, Dubstep (Blackmill) & more! The name of the game is great tunage and her Spotify User ID is velodyuk. She will be fresh off the plane from a 7-week Blues dance & DJing tour of North America just in time for Cotton City Blues!
Lucas grew up in a house of Jazz and Blues musicians. It's fair to say that Muddy Waters, BB King, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and Stevie Wonder were familiar to him at an early age. For the last year and a half, Lucas has happily played wide ranging sets from Trad, to Blues & Blues adjacent (Soul & Funk), right through to 'straight up' Fusion, as befits the time of night and the vibe. He his about to make his way around Europe, again, for another 2 month dance teaching tour, sharing the music he loves.

If you've been dancing around Europe for any time, you've probably met Tristan. He fell in love with blues dancing back in 2012, and has been teaching and DJing internationally for over a year. He's flying back from dancing up a storm in the states just to DJ for you (well, arguably American tourist visa limits had something to do with it as well). Tris DJs based on watching the dancefloor and working out what tracks he would next want to dance with you. Watch out for a variety of blues, eclectic fusion music, and an occasional attempt to push your dancing.

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