Cotton City All Stars


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Lucas Weismann
1625581_10152031019782949_1571742365_n Lucas Weismann started dancing in 1996 and hasn’t been more than 100 yards from his dance shoes since.

There are three things that define Luke’s approach to teaching

Creativity can be taught most easily in three steps – Imitate, Assimilate, Create.
As a dancer, your main goal is to have the person you’re dancing with now want to dance with you again in the future. Everything physical that you have ever done, even the way that you walk informs how you dance and has prepared you for your next class.
Luke uses his students’ past experience to explain class concepts so we can learn material quickly and fun.

As a dancer my goal is to make the person I’m dancing with want to dance with me again and again. As a teacher, my goal is for any student I teach to be inspired to continue to dance and to take more classes with me in the future.

As an organizer my goal is that anyone who attends my event will feel it was worth their time and money and that they will want to attend again in the future.
11287132_10205371828948027_1744543834_n Velody first encountered Blues dancing in April 2008. Having travelled extensively to deepen her understanding of the Blues aesthetic, she now tours internationally, conducting her very own British Invasion across dancefloors everywhere!... She has been invited to teach, DJ & sing the Blues at major events across the Europe & US (Recess, Livin The Blues, The Crave, CRASH...). Having created & driven the Blues dance scene in her home city of Manchester, UK, Velody now provides down to earth instruction and a killer soundtrack for anyone wanting to upgrade their dancefloor experience. Cotton City Blues will follow shortly after her third Blues teaching tour to the Canada and the US.    
Faye & Frank

10271419_10152560931327359_23839331916709728_o Frank and Faye have been teaching together for six years, primarily at modern blues events here, there and even overseas, and are best known for their specialist workshops on aerials, dips and drops, tango inspiration, musicality and creativity. They started dancing traditional blues in 2013 and more recently have become part of the teaching and organizing team at Basement Blues. At Cotton City Blues, their Saturday workshops will focus on the fundamentals of blues dancing, ideal for new-to-bluesers, especially those from other dance styles, or for those who have been dancing traditional blues for a while and want to revisit the basics to strengthen their blues dancing technique. On Sunday, they’ll be ramping things up with a workshop on a couple of super-flash tricks to add some bling to your blues! Their teaching style focuses on the practical, and balances the technical with the creative. So bring your smiles; you’re going to need them.
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