Schedule and Locations

Cider House Detailed Schedule!

imageA rather inconvenient trip to Poland later, and your valiant organising team has returned and produced this guide to the ins and outs of everyone’s favourite Blues-Event-that-is-happening-in-Bristol-this-weekend.



19:30 to 01:00 John Sebastian Lightship, Bathurst Basin

PARTY! - We’ll open up with a welcome party, 5 and a half hours of blues party time and fun :D.

Saturday Classes

11:00 to 16:00 Southbank, Dean Lane

11 to 12 - Everyday I have the blues

Feeling might lonesome?  Oh so sad and blue?  Well good news, we'll shake and bake your funky butt until you have Jelly-related misinterpretation because Jam don't shake like that!

12:10 to 13:10 - Get your mojo working

Building up from solo movement in to partnered dance


13:10 to 13:50



13:50 to 14:50

Built for Comfort - Navel gazing and the way of the lazy follow

15:00 to 16:00 - It ain’t whatcha do, it’s the way thatcha do it.

Connection, solo variation, and integrating what we’ve learnt today

19:30 to 02:00, Cider House

PARTY! - More partying!  This time at the Cider House!  We named the event first, then found the venue, honest.


21:30 Competition Heats!

Prepare for a competition like none you’ve seen before.  There are two things you need to know about the competition.

1) This is a Joe and Jo.  That’s like a Jack and Jill but...ah, you work it out.

2) The second thing is a carefully guarded secret, sorry.

There’s no need to sign up to the competition in advance - we’ll have one or two big heats, with the finalists picked out by our extremely attractive judging panel.


The judges will be looking for:


Connection and Conversation with your partner




22:30 Competition Finals!

There can be only 10!

Well, eventually only 1, but at most 10 finalists will face a blues dancing challenge that would make lesser dance folk quake in their keds.  The same panel of judges will rank you based on the same four criteria, and one additional secret criteria o_0.

There will be a prize.


02:00 to 04:00, The Island - LATE NIGHT PARTY!

Due to an administrative error on our part the late night party will not be quite as late night as we planned.  Still, 04:00 is pretty good, huh?


12:00 to 15:00 - Workshops


12:00 to 13:00, Women be wise (and men! - Ed)

Follow Focused, let’s shut up and dance!


13:15 to 14:15, Got my own thing now

Integration and exploring the spirit of blues, rather than “textbook execution” - no ‘lectric chair required.  Remember, It's not back-leading if you don't get caught! So what if the lead thinks it was their idea...  Adding hesitation across the beat, stretching it out, often makes both partners look even better.

14:30 to 15:00, Masters class

Musical Background, Different musical styles, journey, Robert Johnson to Michael Jackson in 5 steps

16:00 to 19:00 - Arts West Side Cafe, Oldmarket, Bristol

Yes it’s true!  We crowbarred in one last party, where there will be cake and tea 😀

This will be a chilled out party and goodbye session - say a fond farewell to your new (and old) friends, and have a few more dances before you leave us.

But if you DON’T leave us then ...

(Monday - Blue Mondays, Bristols weekly blues night runs from 19:30 to 23:00   If you’re still in town and want to come dance some more, meet us there.  (note:  the lesson straight after Cider House will not be delivered by International Teachers, and will not be very serious :D)

(Blue Monday is every monday, so if you want to hang around that long, it’s on the week after as well)

(and that one probably will be with an International Teacher.  I’m not even kidding)

(more details post Cider House)